Poison Ivy America’s Establishment Elite

Poison Ivy America’s Establishment Elite
Poison Ivy America’s Establishment Elite

Former ivy league associate prof, current public u full prof writing under pen name to avoid retortion from employer/colleagues

Poison Ivy America’s Establishment Elite
by Everett Tabano
free Kindle Edition May 29, 2017
A financial, government, academic, media, establishment elite is dividing and conquering U.S. citizens through GODMARC – Gender, Orientation, Diversity, Multiculturalism, Ability, Race, Class – a sort of secular religion that identifies political legitimacy with subaltern populations. Under Parkinson’s law, Bastiat’s broken window fallacy, and “cuckoo bird policies,” the elite have a hold on power that recalls the Catholic Church of the Middle Ages.
The poison ivy plant offers a parallel with the nation’s elite universities. Academic institutions may benefit citizens with a focus on research and teaching in the sciences. However, elite academic institutions may become noxious when they demonstrate a cultural and political charge to infringe upon the rights of a free people by providing the intellectual cover for collusion between government bureaucracy and corporations.
Elite establishment culture is examined through Robert McNamara and heirs in military strategy, Jerome Bruner in education, Howard Zinn in history, Walter Lippmann in journalism, John Kenneth Galbraith in economics, B.F. Skinner in psychology, John Rawls in philosophy, Walter Gropius in architecture, and George W. Bush and Barack Obama in politics and foreign affairs. There is also a chapter on Richard Nixon, whose service to the establishment did not make up for his lack of pedigree.
Everett Tabano, Ph.D. is an American academic who has taught as a full professor at public and associate professor at Ivy League universities. This book was inspired by the climate of grade inflation at the first and the limitation of freedom of speech at both.
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Everett Tabano