GOOD FRIEND Volume 5: Hypnotized

GOOD FRIEND Volume 5: Hypnotized
GOOD FRIEND Volume 5: Hypnotized

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Lisa and Adam are close friends and nothing more, despite what Adam might want.
When Lisa finds a DVD about hypnotism on Adam’s coffee table, it sparks a discussion about whether hypnosis is real or not.

She doesn’t believe in it. He does.

They make a bet about whether or not she can be hypnotized, and Adam sets about giving it a try, but what Lisa forgot was to set down any ground rules about what Adam was allowed to do with her if he succeeded.

Before long Adam has Lisa bare naked on the couch and following his every command. What he is unaware of is that she knows exactly what she’s doing.

Or does she?

THIS STORY IS INTENDED STRICTLY FOR ADULTS. Meaning be 18 if you want to read it.

It contains potentially controversial adult themes and all the explicit language one would expect to describe them in glorious detail.

6100+ words.

It is not necessary to read all of the stories in the GOOD FRIEND series or to read them in any order. Each volume is a loosely connected, standalone tale.

Author Name
Jillian Hoff