Lean Season

Lean Season

Lonny hesitated, trembling. “Y-you mean it’s just trying to scare us?”

Handlebar tweaked his nose. “That’s right.”

The fire returned to the young man’s eyes—almost. He looked around the shattered dock, at the riddled corpse and the oily, bloody water, at the spitting power lines and the dead lights, the peeling boardwalk on the shore.

He shook his head. “No, it’s not. It—it doesn’t pretend, like you. It’s gonna kill us, that’s all.” He stepped closer. “Can’t you see that? You posing hillbilly? The spill’s given it a—a lean season. It’s sick, and it’s hungry, and …”
He glanced at the corpse. “And we probably just killed its mate.”

Author Name
Wayne Kyle Spitzer

Sherlock Holmes Investigates – A Quintet of Singular Mysteries

Sherlock Holmes Investigates – A Quintet of Singular Mysteries
Sherlock Holmes Investigates: A Quintet of Singular Mysteries

Andrew Salmon’s first Sherlock Holmes tale, The Adventure of the Locked Room, was a hit right out of the gate, winning an award for Best Short Story the year it was published. Salmon followed up this success by garnering numerous award nominations and a second win for Best Short Story for his Holmes adventures before breaking new ground with the best selling Fight Card Sherlock Holmes trilogy.

Now, for the first time, ALL FIVE of his award-winning and nominated Holmes tales have been collected in SHERLOCK HOLMES INVESTIGATES!

What happened to the tenant in 221B Baker Street before Holmes and Watson moved in? Mystery and murder cast long shadows over idyllic Towne Manor – what will Holmes and Watson discover there? A daring assassination attempt has left Holmes close to death and it’s up to Dr. Watson and Mycroft Holmes to bring the villain to justice. Is there a werewolf loose in Limehouse or is something much more sinister killing policemen? Who is pulling off daring raids at Portsmouth and disappearing without a trace?

These mysteries and more await!

– Featuring a wraparound cover by Mike Fyles!
– Exclusive interviews with the author and artist!
– Behind the scenes essays for of the five tales!

-With this collection, Andrew Salmon continues in the tradition of Laurie R. King, Lyndsay Faye and Anthony Horrowitz in producing entertaining, thought-provoking explorations of the rich Sherlockian world created by Arthur Conan Doyle.

There’s the hansom now. Hurry! The game’s afoot!

Author Name
Andrew Salmon

Short Tails from space

Short Tails from space
Short Tails from space (Short stories from outer-space Book 1)

A collection of short stories that have a space opera feel to it. this short but sweet Ebook offers readers a glimpse of story telling, there are several time lines in this book because of the short stories were written, and because there were mutable writers working on this project. The best way to set up this book is to think of it as a dream, and how sometimes dreams just jump from one thing to the next that is how this book works. The book starts off On board the spaceship Maya in the year 2392 where there is lift off of space shuttle starship Maya, and from there these short stories have a mind of there own.

Author Name
Michael Emmering, Erica Huffman, James Mullins

The Nexus and Other Stories

The Nexus and Other Stories
The Nexus and Other Stories

Aliens, ghosts, the paranormal, a glimpse at a possible future…

There are more things in heaven and earth than modern man will ever know or understand.

The Nexus
They say be careful what you wish for. Meet Josef Schliemann, noted expert in pseudo-archaeology who sponsors a dig beneath a historic church in downtown Toronto. Said to have been built on a tract of land sacred to prehistoric Indigenous peoples living the in the area the secrets of the site have been lost to time. Will Josef survive when he finds the object of his desire?

A Morgan by Any Other Name
In a future where cloning has been perfected—sort of—Rachel, a Morgan model, should have the world at her feet, but she’s not happy. What is the one thing a teenage clone desires?

At the Mere Thought Of
What happens when your worst nightmare comes true? Businessman Crane is about to find out.
The Circle of Life
Bob wakes up the night after attending a wild rave to find he’s not himself. He wakes up, buried alive, and hungry…for flesh.

One book, thirteen stories.

In The Nexus and Other Stories, science fiction author Elise Abram explores the myths of the modern world.

Author Name
Elise Abram
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