The Marriage Repairman

The Marriage Repairman
The Marriage Repairman: Cheating Wives Have Their Romantic Fantasy Fulfilled

They come to Florida by the thousands. The lonely, the bored, the ignored wives in marriages that are no longer satisfying. They pretend they’re on vacation when they’re actually looking for him. He’s the marriage repairman and he fixes broken marriages.

Kat and her husband had grown apart. They went about their lives separately. Her marriage was broken and she didn’t know what to do about it. The repairman spotted her immediately and showed her what she needed. She needed a man to make her feel the way she used to feel. She needed the touch of his hands, the sensation of his kiss, and she needed his sex. He gave it all to her.

Her friend, Jen needed him too. But she needed to get something her husband couldn’t give her. She needed a new experience and she needed a man to do to her what her husband didn’t. She needed desires filled that had been left unfulfilled for too long. She needed to have sex in ways her husband wouldn’t. The repairman was there to do just that.

Author Name
Jake Ellwood