The New Reign

The New Reign (Of Lite and Darke Book 1)

Three days after my birth I lost it all. My mother, My father, and all hope for all that they had dreamed for. Now on the eve of my eighteenth birthday I must make it right. I must Take my kingdom back from a man who claimed to be my proxy. I have to stop a civil war that is looming in the darkness. And I must learn about all these wonderful powers that have been dimmed until now.

I was born into a high-born family. A powerful mother and a gifted father. How gifted or how powerful I never knew. I never knew of what their powers had been nor what mine may be. That was all taken from me just over a year from my birth.
Now I am called dog. My name forgotten. My parents never spoken of. Anyone who knew them are long dead or too weak to speak. I am a ward of my uncle. The sole proxy to the Princess of Darke. The princess of the last Queen. I pray every night that she comes and uses her powers to kill my uncle and his followers. I pray that I will be alive long enough to see her just once.
I doubt that I ever will. I am set to be killed on the day she is crowned queen. My life will be sacrificed for her pleasure. Or so I am told.

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