The Vanathian Chronicles: By Way of Sight

The Vanathian Chronicles:: By Way of Sight

In a world deeply rooted in ancient myths and legends, of honored champions and nefarious villains, with technological marvels and wonderous spell crafts, a child unlike any other is born. Hecate, with her secret gifts, is revered by the vanirian people; favored by their respective ancestors, while also considered to be nothing more than a mindless child. Her inquisitive nature, however, aids her in seeing the truth within, begins to unravel the mystery behind her missing mother, and questions every aspect of the corrupted society of Atlantis. Yet her’s is the story of only one perspective, and while she dodges the selfish grasp of a vile woman bent on aquiring her unique talents, the tale of some of the most renown figures in the realm of Vanath begins.

The journey starts with a child who can see the impossible.

Author Name
CJ Brown

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